The Spanish Health Ministry has awarded the Project “First Experience of a Patient Summary based on the ISO/CEN EN13606 Standard” implemented in the Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada, developed in collaboration with the research Group IBIME from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and using the LinkEHR Platform.

The solution combines information from three different and distributed systems: the Primary Care EHR, the Hospital EHR and the Hospital Pharmacy Department software application. An archetype editor and a standardisation platform (LinkEHR) create now a federated view that organises patient information in three sections (problem list, alerts including allergies, and prescriptions).

Access to that federated view will allow doctors to provide safe and efficient care to patients regardless where they seek assistance. The first use case of the Project, medicines reconciliation, is facilitated as medication from Primary Care and Hospital is presented simultaneously.

Specialized EN13606 archetypes, based on OpenEHR archetypes, epSOS specifications and terminologies such as SNOMED CT were applied in this Project, proving that semantic interoperability is actually achieved through the standardisation of clinical information.

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